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mean that Jews cannot be considered victims of antisemitism. They are highly successful; they are white. Thus, they cannot be members of a victimized minority. This is why the mainstream Left is so reluctant to recognize the antisemitism of Hamas (Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman, for example, condemned Israel for defending itself against rocket attacks by Hamas by decrying “Black and brown bodies being brutalized and murdered”); it is why the mainstream Left is complicit in the lie that the only true antisemitism springs from white supremacists, ignoring actual acts of Jewhatred by members of minority populations. The intersectional Left’s conspiracy theory — that a cabal of white victimizers (including Jews, and now, Asians) control society for its own benefit — inherently crosses streams with antisemitism.

Goldberg’s comments aren’t an aberration. They’re merely the latest iteration of a pernicious and perverse theory of power in politics — a conspiracy theory about groups that succeed and the systems in which they succeed.

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