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‘Hooray for our side.’” Another of Erk’s originations puts into perspective that, while it is never acceptable to sally forth in public with any political incorrectness (although we beat that dead horse with unlimited relentlessness in private), has to do with the history of the Georgia band. “We were once known as the Dixie Redcoat Band,” Erk said. “But the word, Dixie, was considered insensitive, so we became the ‘Redcoat Band.’ Then somebody suggested that the term ‘Redcoat,’ smacked of British imperialism, so we became ‘The Band.’ “After that, somebody discovered that on the banks of the Oconee River in the earliest days of Athens, a band of roving hoodlums came upon the settlement, killed all the villagers and pillaged and plundered everything in sight. Band was then considered an insensitive word, so now they call us, ‘The.’”

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