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lithium-ion batteries and has announced an additional $940 million expansion.

Things are going very well in Georgia. Trump and his supporters need to get over election results that are not going to change. Otherwise, their penchant to punish could get us four years of Biden Lite in the form of Stacey Abrams. Is that what Republicans really want?

Bob Barr says, “The GOP must decide to openly support its governors and congressional leaders against baseless and errant attacks, regardless of who is making them, whether a Democrat or a former Republican president. Failing to thus stand up for itself and for its own elected officials – the ones who now are actually implementing policies which the Grand Old Party historically has championed – is a weakness that will, in the end, hurt Republicans more than anything the Democrats might throw at it.”

I hope Donald Trump is listening to this sage advice. But I doubt it. This isn’t about the Republican Party’s future. It’s all about revenge.

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