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Dear Ms. Magnolia, Part Two of Planning Guide: Financial Paperwork. Gather all of your important documents together in one place. Keep originals in a fire proof box at home or in a bank safety deposit box and, for security, make a copy of each important document to keep in another location. Review this file every January to make changes and add additional information. And be sure to tell a trusted family member or friend where your important paperwork is kept so they can access the information immediately if necessary.

Financial Information to gather: • A signed, up-to-date Will and Ad vance Directive • A Financial Power of Attorney • Social Security Information, Medi care/Medicaid Information • Insurance information (life, health, home, car) with policy numbers and agents’ names and phone numbers • Original deeds for your home and other property, and auto title and registration • Copy of most recent income tax re turn • A list of income and assets includ ing 401(k)s, IRAs, employee pension, veteran benefits, interest, etc. • A list of liabilities including mort

gages, loans and property taxes. (In clude what is owed, when payments are due, and contact information.), how and when they are paid • Names of banks and account num bers for checking, savings, credit union • Information on investments (prop erty, stocks, bonds) and names and phone numbers of brokers • Credit card and debit card names, numbers and bank contact information • Location of safe deposit box and key

Household Information: • Names and contact information for your children’s doctors, teachers and childcare providers • Names and contact information for pet care providers and veterinarians • A list of recurring bills and account information including electricity, gas, cable, internet, water, sewer, etc.

Letters have been edited for length and clarity.

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