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continued from page vs. Piedmont ….

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vs. Piedmont

The Lady Crusaders then played Piedmont the following day but were defeated with a final score of 45-25. Top scorers for the game were sophomore Wimberly with 13 points, freshman Acosta with 4 points, and freshman Durden with 3 points.

'When making the schedule this year, we knew this game would be a big one. Piedmont was in the Final Four last year, and as a coach, I wanted to see where we stood early in the year. The outcome wasn't what we wanted, but I feel if we see them again, we can do a lot better with more time to work. 'We never quit playing hard, even after two games back to back and only one practice during the Christmas break.

'We are a young team and we are constantly getting better. We just need to find a way to score easier and that's on me as a coach. Sophomore Bree Wimberly stepped up again offensively, and senior Ellie Graham and freshman Kylie Acosta did a great job defensively working one of the best players in AA.

'Like I've already mentioned, the score was not where we wanted it to be, but we are constantly making changes and getting better and that's all I can ask from these girls,' said Head Coach Jacob Wilkinson.

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