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Vidalia Police Department Holds Women’s Firearm Safety Course

In November 2021 the Vidalia Police Department held the Women’s Firearm Safety Course at the Vidalia Police Department. Capt. Randy Clark, Capt. Roger Calloway, Sgt. Micheal Howell, and Cpl. Christopher Morgan were coaching on the range. The classroom section was taught by Cpl. Christopher Morgan and Capt. Randy Clark. Participants were Nicole Mincey, Karen Mullinax, Linda Joyce Foskey, Kimberly Lanier, Angel Rigby, Deidre Scott, Kathy Milligan, and Millie Perry. The Women's Firearm Safety Course is a free, indepth course available to women in the City of Vidalia and surrounding areas and offered to educate and train women in the legal and safety considerations of carrying and using a firearm. The course consists of three days, for approximately 4 hours each day. The first day of instruction is classroom instructional time, providing women with instruction on nomenclature, retention, operation and legal requirements. The second and third days of instruction take place on the range with live fire. The range days cover shooting drills designed to make women comfortable with their individual firearm and provide instruction in proper shooting techniques.

This class is limited to a maximum of 15 participants, allowing for more one on one coaching. The course is offered twice a year based on interest and availability. It requires the participant to be age 21 or older, complete an application, and provide a valid Georgia Carry Permit, their own firearm and 100 rounds of ammunition. If you are interested in applying for this course or the Citizens Police Academy (one class a year), please contact the Vidalia Police Department or go to https://www.vidaliaga. gov/police/page/taking-itstreets. Links to application forms are at the bottom of the page. Once completed, please return the application to the police department front desk Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Participants receive proper shooting instructions on the range with live fire.

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