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Toombs County 4-H Earns Honors at Southeast District Project Achievement

Toombs County 4-H recently hosted the 2021 Fall Southeast District Project Achievement at Toombs County Middle School. Over 90 4-H members from 6 Southeast District counties attended the event. Counties represented in addition to Toombs were Coffee, Evans, Glynn, Jeff Davis, and Wheeler. Forty-three members from Toombs County 4-H participated in the contest.

According to Cheryl Poppell, Toombs County 4-H Coordinator, “District Project Achievement, or DPA for short, offers youth their first experience in public speaking. To compete, members select a project area and narrow their interest to a specific topic. Members then prepare and give a 4 – 6 minute demonstration about their topic.” Participants from Toombs County 4-H are listed by school. Toombs Central Elementary School DPA participants receiving 1st place were Claire Beasley (Performing Arts – Vocal), Hunter Joiner (Robotics), and Harper Underwood (Target Sports). Kinsleigh Dixon (Horse) received 2nd place, and Kylah Gay (Dog Care) received 3rd place.

Fifteen students from Lyons Upper Elementary School participated at DPA. First place winners were Natalie Moore (Crafts), Macie Caraway (Dog Care), Zyheim Sanders (Geology), Brielle Singleton (Performing Arts – General), Anna Lynn Hutcheson (Poultry), and Mattie Palma (Safety). Receiving 2nd place were Isaiah Gillis (Companion Animals), Caisynn Perry (Food Safety), Dorothy Walker (Health), Bryan Hernandez (Marine & Coastal Ecology), Zaylen Williams (Sports – Team). Receiving 3rd place were Isabella Otero (Sports – Individual), and Jemma Collins (Wildlife). Kaylee McClendon (Dog Care) and Ava Kersey (Horse) both received 4th place.

Toombs County Middle School had twelve 6th grade participants. Receiving first place were Skylor Bazemore (Agricultural Awareness), Kameron Rodgers (Current People), Brylee Williams (Dog Care), Haydee Hernandez (General Recreation), Charleigh McCoy (Herpetology), Serenity Emerick (Marine & Coastal Ecology), Miranda Morgan (Rabbits), Gracie Bratton (Sports – Team), and Nathalie Pittman (Workforce Preparation). Receiving 2nd place were Auston Edwards (Health) and Kaylee Hernandez (International). Jayce Pittman (General Recreation) received 3rd place. Sally D. Meadows had six students attend the event. Receiving 1st place were Mia Chavez (Clothing & Textiles) and Baylei McCoy (Companion Animals). Receiving 2nd place were Messiah Hollingsworth (Robots) and Gracelynn Ellis (Workforce Preparation). Skylar Williams (Historic People) received 3rd place, and Marlasia Tucker (Dog Care) received 4th place.

From Vidalia Heritage Academy, five members participated. Receiving 1st place were Jasmine Colley (Arts), Rachel Rowe (Historic People), Gavin Johnson (Outdoor Recreation), and Jade Colley (Rabbits). Cale Cosnahan (Horse) received 4th place.

Toombs County received three specialty awards: Highest Percent of Participation (2nd place), Most Participants (1st place), and Highest Percent of Winners (3rd Place). The event was a huge success thanks to a host of volunteers and teen leaders who assisted. The Toombs County 4-H program is led by 4-H Coordinator Cheryl Poppell and 4-H Educator Riley Wimberly. Toombs County Agriculture Agent Jason Edenfield and Toombs County AmeriCorps Vista Bradley Moye assisted with the event. For more information about 4-H in Toombs County, call 912-526-3101.

TOOMBS CENTRAL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL — L to R: Claire Beasley, Hunter Joiner, Harper Underwood, Kinsleigh Dixon, and Kylah Gay.

VIDALIA HERITAGE ACADEMY — L to R: Jade Colley, Jasmine Colley, Rachel Rowe, Gavin Johnson, and Cale Cosnahan.

LYONS UPPER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL — (L to R): Back row: Isabella Otero, Macie Caraway, Zyheim Sanders, Anna Lynn Hutcheson, Mattie Palma, Caisynn Perry, Natalie Moore, Front Row: Zaylen Williams, Bryan Hernandez, Jemma Collins, Dorothy Walker, Kaylee McLendon, and Brielle Singleton.

TOOMBS COUNTY MIDDLE SCHOOL — (L to R): Back row: Serenity Emerick, Miranda Morgan, Gracie Bratton, Haydee Hernandez, Kaylee Hernandez, Charleigh McCoy, Brylee Williams, Nathalie Pittman, Front Row: Skylor Bazemore, Kameron Rodgers, Jayce Pittman, and Auston Edwards.

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