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RTCA Shotgun At State

Robert Toombs Christian Academy's Varsity Shotgun team recently participated in the GISA State AA competition at Forest City Gun Club in Savannah, GA. The events were scheduled over a three day period and included 100 targets each in Sporting Clays, Skeet, and Trap.

Making up the varsity squad are shooters Karsen Evans, Cameron Hinson, Bishop Lampp, Bradlan McDonald, Carston Tapley, Joey Todd, and James Varnes. The windy weather made the competition even more difficult, but the 2021 Shotgun team made a very impressive stand.

Compared to other AA schools with some teams having 20 or more shooters, the Crusaders team of seven high school members finished second in state. Some of the top accomplishments for this year’s state shoot were a season high for Bishop Lampp with a 95 in Skeet including a first time 25 straight, Cameron Hinson with a 92 in Skeet, James Varnes scoring a 92 in Trap, Joey Todd with a 93 in Trap, Karsen Evans with an 84 in Skeet, and Carston Tapley scoring an 86 in Sporting Clays.

The Crusader team was led by Junior Bradlan McDonald, who broke a total of 289 out of 300 targets. This combined score consisted of a 97 in Sporting Clays, 99 in Skeet, and a 93 in Trap. McDonald finished first in state for Sporting Clays, first in state for Skeet, and fourth in state for Trap. He also took home the coveted HOA (High Overall) title in AA GISA Shotgun and was named a member of the Georgia All State Team.

Head Crusader Coach Allen McDonald says, 'I would like to personally thank the coaching staff, Jamie Cauley, Lane DeFee, Matt Hinson, Bill Lampp, and Beau Varnes, along with the parents of the shooters, for their help and support during the 2021 shotgun season. The support from local sponsors has been tremendous this year. While the team will truly miss senior Karsen Evans, they are looking forward to another awesome year in 2022.'

Middle School

RTCA's Middle School Shotgun team ended its 2021 shoot season at the State Shotgun Tournament also held at Forest City Gun Club.

The Middle School Shotgun Team proudly added quite a few shooters this year with team members consisting of eighth graders Lily Cauley, DJ Clifton, Sean Fitzgerald, seventh grader Andrew Meek, and sixth graders Brantley Black, Yates Pye, Jarrett Reeves, Banks Hopkins, Riley Hinson, and Tommy Fitzgerald.

Special recognition goes to Cauley for placing third in State Trap and 5th State HOA in the lady’s division.

'The team had a successful year and with each shooter’s hard work and dedication, made great improvements. We would like to extend a special thank you to all of the parents and family members who devoted their time and energy into these kids and their team. Without your support none of this would have been possible. Thank you to our coaches that gave their time and effort into making the team what it was this year and what we expect it to be in years to come,' said McDonald, Head Shotgun Coach.

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