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J.R. Trippe Names REACH Scholars

J.R. Trippe Middle School celebrated five promising students at the annual REACH Scholarship signing on November 30. During this signing, these students pledged to maintain excellence in academics and character in exchange for receiving a $10,000 scholarship upon high school graduation.

Eighth grade students Ansleigh Chambers, Katy Gonzales, Rori Johnson, Sanaya Lewis, and Kingston Ryals all celebrated their selection as REACH scholars alongside family and friends at the formal ceremony. Also in attendance for the first time were past REACH scholars, who shared messages of encouragement to these new scholars. Vidalia City Schools Superintendent Garrett Wilcox explained REACH to those in attendance. “This is $50,000 worth of scholarships we are giving away right here,” he explained. “The REACH scholarship program rewards students for self-accountability, promotes parent involvement, and provides a critical place in student achievement.”

This year marked the fifth year in which the Vidalia City School System has recognized these scholars within the school. According to Wilcox, this annual event is one of his favorite experiences in the school year. “This is one of my favorite days of the year where we are rewarding students, not only for their hard work and academic achievement, but also for their good character, which may be attributed to many of you parents here today,” he said.

“This was a competitive deal,” he added. “These students had to sit in front of adults as eighth graders and go through an interview process, and that’s not easy. These five students stood out and will hopefully reap the benefit of being a REACH scholar in the future.”

J.R. Trippe Middle School Principal Sandy Reid also weighed in on the quality of students that had been selected for this honor. “This group of students worked really hard for this scholarship,” she emphasized. “Their interviews were phenomenal. We had the most outstanding interviews this year – it was very competitive and hard to determine which students would be awarded this scholarship. But when it came down to scoring the rubric, these students really came to the top in their personalities, hard work, and determination.” She continued, “If these students are indicative of the type of people that we are helping to promote at J.R. Trippe Middle School, then it makes us really proud as a school.”

These students will continue through high school meeting with an academic coach and mentor, who will help motivate and guide them through their journey to high school graduation and postsecondary education.

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