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and the strength of the wave continues on and on,” he noted. “When you think about the analogy of teaching and light, you realize that these teachers affect eternity because you can never tell where your influence stops, just like you can never tell where the light stops. Teachers make a difference in the lives of children, and as administration, we want to do what is necessary to help teachers do their very best. If teachers are the flashlight, administration is the battery – we are important, but not as important as the teachers.”

He concluded, “I appreciate the positivity of all of our teachers of the year, as well as the role models which they all are,” he concluded.

Selection Process The Teacher of the Year candidates are based on the 9 criteria on which the Georgia Teacher of the Year is judged, which includes inspiration, inclusion, admiration, respect, community service, poise, and more. To be considered for Montgomery County Teacher of the Year, teachers must be certified and have spent at least 3 years teaching.

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