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for the winter. He was as eager to photograph nature’s offerings as he was to snatch an opponent’s ball out of the air between the hedges.

A good time was enjoyed by all, especially for the chronicler of the outing. Four big rainbows, one of which Jimmy Harris speculated had reached seven pounds, came to the net but did not render the fight of a smaller fourpounder which seemed determined not to yield. It was a female, and she resisted dauntlessly for thirty minutes, giving one fly caster the time of his life.

Thrice, she came near arms-length but refused to yield, taking line off the reel downstream, tiring herself out again and again until she at last succumbed to “Wow” time.

If you are the beneficiary of such an outing on the Chattahoochee, you can’t wait for an encore. As my new lady friend gasped for breath as she was being released, I began quoting Sidney Lanier, “Out of the hills of Habersham……”

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