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An Academic Book by BPC Acting Director of Library and Information Services

Caspian: Status, Challenges, and Prospects:

Brewton-Parker College’s (BPC) Acting Director of Library and Information Services, Tanvi Chauhan, recently had an academic book published by Nova Science Publishers Inc. The book, Caspian: Status, Challenges, and Prospects; an Analysis into the Legal Classification, Security and Environmental Concerns, Geopolitics and Energy Flow Impact of the Caspian Plateau, was cowritten and edited with Anis Bajrektarevic and Mak Bajrekatarevic. The publisher describes the text as a comprehensive approach in presenting an all-encompassing study on this unique geographical region. The academic book explores how the world’s largest inland body of salty water escaped economic and political notice for a very long time. Chauhan describes the book as for “anyone wanting to study the Caucuses and Eurasian area with a particular focus on the Caspian in a comprehensive basis.” The academic book is useful for: Eurasian Studies; Energy Security; Environmental Studies and Sustainable Development; International Law (territorial disputes); Geo-economics; Geopolitics; Iran-Russia relations; Central-Asia and the Caucasus; Russia and the Caucasus; Energy dynamics in Eurasia; Regional banking and investments.

Nova Science Publishers Inc., explains, “The Caspian Basin is an underexplored topic with scarce literature on its geomorphology, legal disputes, pipeline diplomacy, energy deposits, and environmental concerns. Not only will this body of work lessen the dearth of information on this region for Caspian riparian states and other affiliated bodies, but it will also generate an altogether new expanse of scholarly conversation and international research.”

Chauhan received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Brewton-Parker College in 2015. She received her Master’s degree in International Relations from Troy University in 2019. Chauhan has extensive experience living and working in both Asia and Africa. Chauhan was inspired to research and write this book based on her previous studies and experiences. “It is an extension to my studies from graduate school. Being an International Relations major, I was constantly seeking less vocalized and underexplored topics to bring to the fore.” Chauhan stated, “When the opportunity to write about the Caspian presented itself, I was grateful for the informational resources at Brewton-Parker College. Being the Acting Director of Library and Information Services at BPC also made acquiring information and conducting research using our vast informational database like GALILEO and EBSCO quite a blessing!”

Dr. Robert Brian, BPC Provost and Senior Vice President, shared his thoughts about Chauhan’s publication. “What fascinated me most about the book was the socioeconomic and political turmoil that emerged from what seemed merely an accident of geography — five Eurasian countries bordering and competing for the resources on the Caspian Sea. There on the other side of the world unfolded a drama very much like the competing interests of the six parishes that border Lake Pontchartrain in my native southeast Louisiana. Ms. Chauhan’s book for me truly was an exercise in international relations.”

For more information on Ms. Chauhan’s recent publication, visit, https:// novapublishers. com/shop/caspian-statuschallenges- and-prospectsan- analysis-into-the-legalclassification- security-andenvironmental- concernsgeopolitics- and- energyflow- impact-of-the-caspian- plateau.

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