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the bathrooms to make them easier to clean as well.

With the upgrades, and along with having to follow guidelines on cleaning and sanitizing not just from state and federal rules, but also from the National Association of Theatre Owners, they do expect the cost per ticket to rise, but they are hoping to keep that at a minimum.

Melanie said, “We have had a great response since the word has started to get out about our opening, and we are excited. In just six hours after putting out the info on social media we have seen it reach over 20,000 people, and we have had hundreds of likes and comments. We started this business for this community, to provide a place where families and kids didn’t have to travel to be able to go see movies, and so teenagers didn’t have to be on the roads late at night to Statesboro or Savannah. We did it to give this community something that we thought it needed, and we have been blessed over the years.

“We know there are not going to be five to 10 movies released every week at this point as the industry begins to reopen, and we are working with our distributors to get everything we can.

“We love being able to have families come to see movies. We always try to have at least one movie playing that is oriented just for families, because that is something that they can do together, spend time together, create memories, and just have fun together. We love to be able to be a part of that for them and that is our preference, to have that family focus.”

With the day after Thanksgiving slated as the opening date for the Sweet Onion Cinemas, they have currently booked three movies, Venom: Let There Be Carnage a DC Universe movie, The Eternals a Marvel Universe movie, and

Encanto a Disney movie. They continue to try to book more movies as they edge closer to the opening date.

They have also booked their annual showing of The Polar Express, which will be scheduled for December 18 this year.

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