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be a part of Montgomery County. I have a son who graduated from the school system last year, and one son who will graduate from here this year, as well as a wife who is a teacher here. We have great things going on here at Montgomery County, and because of that greatness, the sky is the limit.”

He concluded, “Always remember that Eagles soar in the sky,” Davidson said of the school system’s mascot. “This system will continue to soar upward. My final sign off is this: God bless and go Eagles!”

Dr. Stan Rentz

Rentz is a Georgia Southern University alumnus, having obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications in 1985. He received a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and Administration from Nova Southeastern University in 1999, and in 2003, he acquired a Doctorate of Education Degree from Argosy University.

He began his educational career in Johnson County, where he worked as a teacher for the 19891990 school year. Rentz then worked for 11 years as a teacher at Jeff Davis Schools in Hazlehurst. He served as Principal at South Rabun Elementary School from 2001-2008 and as Assistant Principal at Habersham County Schools for 6 years before returning to Jeff Davis Schools.

Rentz worked as the Jeff Davis High School Assistant Principal and Director of Communications beginning in 2014, before ultimately retiring as Superintendent in 2019.

Rentz, who was approved by four board members with member Eugene “Pete” Ward voting against Rentz’s hiring, is coming on board in a 49% employment capacity as a retired state educator.

The new superintendent commented to the Board and attendees at the meeting following the vote, “This is really about the kids. I can tell you that I have been away from the school atmosphere for a year and a half, and during that time, I have really missed the kids.”

He added, “I also know that the relationship between the Board and myself is so important. Just this evening, getting to walk around and meet the staff, I realized what a great place this is and I have already heard great things about it. I am a small town guy – I love small towns – especially those where everyone pulls together and really rallies around each other.” He noted, “I am so honored and humbled to be named the next superintendent of Montgomery County,” he continued. “Thank you all for your confidence in me – it truly means a lot.”

After the meeting, Superintendent Rentz shared his goals regarding his role at Montgomery County Schools. “Obviously, the biggest thing is to try to help kids to be as successful as possible. Coming into a new system like this, the biggest thing I want to do is to get to know Montgomery County, and the school system’s faculty, staff, and students. I’m going to spend the next few weeks getting to know the community, and I am so excited about it.” Rentz said it is his background in all levels of the school system – elementary, middle, high, and administrative positions – that is his greatest advantage. “I come from a pretty diverse background. I think that helps coming into the superintendent’s position— understanding what occurs at every level of the school system.” Rentz will spend his first few days in the Montgomery County School System attending a statewide superintendents’ meeting for three days.

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