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Real Squeal Thrills the Crowds

Thousands of people from throughout the area converged in Downtown Lyons and at Partin Park on Friday and Saturday as the annual Real Squeal BBQ and Music Festival offered spectacular sights, sounds and the delicious aroma of BBQ. The festival and BBQ cookoff has been an annual event in Lyons since 2011 and was formerly known as the Lyons BBQ Festival before the name was changed to “The Real Squeal.” Professional and backyard BBQ teams, car show enthusiasts, musicians, artisans, and people looking for a fun-filled weekend traveled to Lyons to sample the wide variety of activities the much-anticipated event had to offer. Friday morning, disc golf enthusiasts took over Partin Park for the first ever Real Squeal Disc Golf tournament at the Park’s new course. That night, people strolled the streets of Downtown Lyons to enjoy the music and Street Dance, fireworks, classic cars, kids’ inflatables, and vendors.

On Saturday, community members filled Partin Park as the BBQ Cookoff, Music Showdown, Arts and Crafts Festival, Native American Artifacts Show, and Car Show all commenced. Several activities were available for kids, including a gaming trailer.

Among the most anticipated events during the festival are the BBQ and grilling competitions. Winners in these categories are below:

Pro, Backyard BBQ and

BBQ Sauce Winners

The Pro BBQ Competition awards began with the Pro Chicken category. This category featured 10 top placements, who all received a monetary reward.

Pro Chicken

1st: Uncle Kenny’s


2nd: Angry Jack BBQ

3rd: Smoke Central


4th: Maya Jane BBQ Company

5th: Stoked and Smoked Competition BBQ

6th: Hold Your Horses BBQ

7th: Quenut BBQ

8th: Sweet Dixie BBQ

9th: Redmule’s Bad Ass BBQ

10th: The Pit Crew of


Pro Pork Ribs

1st: Angry Jack BBQ 2nd: Rollin’ Kolbz

3rd: Quenut BBQ

4th: Smoke Central BBQ

5th: Uncle Kenny’s


6th: Hold Your Horses


7th: Mad Dog BBQ

8th: Choo Choo BBQ

9th: Redmule’s Bad Ass BBQ

10th: Que’ Boss-a

Pro Pork

The Pro Pork competition was fierce, as two teams scored an impressive 180 points.

1st: Rollin’ Kolbz

2nd: Stewbabys BBQ

3rd: Redmule’s Bad Ass BBQ

4th: Maya Jane BBQ Company

5th: Atlanta BBQ Store

6th: Yes, Dear BBQ

7th: Pop’s Smoke on the Hill

8th: Uncle Kenny’s


9th: Quenut BBQ

10th: Hold your Horses


Pro Brisket

1st: Angry Jack BBQ

2nd: Atlanta BBQ Store

3rd: Que’ Boss-a

4th: Smoked Central BBQ

5th: Yes, Dear BBQ

6th: Mad Dog BBQ

7th: Sweet Dixie BBQ

8th: Cool Hand Que

9th: Maya Jane BBQ Company

10th: Uncle Kenny’s


Overall Pro Competition

The Overall Pro competition featured a top 10, although only the top 5 placements received monetary awards.

1st: Uncle Kenny’s BBQ

2nd: Rollin’ Kolbz

3rd: Angry Jack BBQ

4th: Maya Jane BBQ Company

5th: Smoke Central


6th: Yes, Dear BBQ

7th: Redmule’s Bad Ass


8th: Hold Your Horses


9th: Atlanta BBQ Store

10th: Stoked and Smoked Competition BBQ The Backyard Chicken and Ribs competitions each featured 5 top placements, with the top 3 receiving a monetary reward.

1st: Summers Backyard BBQ & Stew

2nd: Bad Habits BBQ

3rd: Backwoods BBQ

4th: Freckled Frog

5th: B & B BBQ Backyard Ribs

1st: Bad Habits BBQ

2nd: Backwoods BBQ

3rd: B & B BBQ

4th: Summers Backyard BBQ & Stew

5th: Freckled Frog Backyard Overall

This category featured a top 5, but only the top 2 received a monetary prize.

1st: Bad Habits BBQ

2nd: Backwoods BBQ

3rd: Summers Backyard BBQ & Stew

4th: B & B BBQ

5th: Freckled Frog BBQ

BBQ Sauce

1st: Baker’s BBQ

2nd: Uncle Kenny’s


3rd: Que’ Boss-a

Steak Cookoff Winners

1st: Kenneth Croft

2nd: Randy McKnight

3rd: Lora Haskett

4th: John Pendray

5th: Andy Collins

6th: Andy Clarke

7th: Brian Coleman

8th: Mike McElwaney

9th: Chad Stewart

10th: Jim Haskett Anything Pecan Ancillary Contest

1st: Michael Barczak

2nd: Tonya Pendray

3rd: Brian Coleman Car Show Winners

Mike Palmer was Best in Show and Top Rat Rod at the Car Show with his Ford Coupe. Dylan Hall had the Top Motorcyle at the show, while Jeremy Powell’s ’69 Ford Truck took the award for Top Ford. Doug McLain’s ’71 C10 was the Top GMC, and the two Dodge Challengers owned by Billy Harvill were the Top Dodge vehicles.

Music Showdown Winner:

Kori Spires

Backyard Chicken

Photo by Evan Riekhof

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