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No Daddy At Home

What's missing?

I read an opinion piece in the newspaper about crime and why young people are, at this writing, killing each other in Chicago, carjacking and assaulting people on the streets.

The writer suggested poverty, lack of education, yadda-yadda this and that.

Pardon me, if you will, but many people were born into poverty and stayed there until they worked their way out of it. They tried to encourage each generation to, if not be smarter, then act smarter. They didn't resort to crime.

I believe that a woman who claims to love her children, but didn't bother to provide a father for them, is lying.

Today there is no longer social stigma attached to getting knocked up.

The term “single mother” replaced “unmarried mother” to soften the description of a woman or girl who became pregnant having unprotected, recreational sex.

The government has become the daddy to generations of kids who grew up without a father in the house. We can thank federal social programs for making fathers irrelevant.

Not all men are good fathers. Many didn't have a role model to emulate.

If the government made this mess, it should clean it up and start by holding fathers accountable. Some unmarried mothers don't want their children's fathers around because they are toxic.

It is unfortunate that wasn't discovered earlier. The children pay for it.

Single women who have children are not doing those kids any favors. According to the Census Bureau, 44% of children in homes headed by single mothers were living in poverty, while just 12% of children in marriedcouple families lived in poverty.

I believe that at the core of youthful crime is having no father in the home. When a kid has to stand before a judge, the father, whether he lives in the home or not, should have to stand with him. According to Fulton County, 85% of youth currently in prison grew up in a fatherless home.

It is easy for a female to claim that having children is her choice, but the effect on the children has to be considered. NPR found that girls who live in a fatherless home have a 100% higher risk of suffering from obesity than girls who have their father present. The same study found that teen girls from fatherless homes are four times more likely to become pregnant before the age of twenty.

Of teenagers who become pregnant, 71% lack a father at home (Health and Human Services).

The effect upon children in fatherless homes is profound. The CDC found that 85% of all children who show behavior disorders came from fatherless homes.

It is going to take courage for politicians to clean up the mess, but can we afford to lose the core family? Or is it already too late?

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