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Greater Vidalia Chamber Hosts REACH Kickoff

The Greater Vidalia Chamber launched its REACH initiative in a kickoff at Rocky Creek Lodge on September 29. The event featured presentations and speeches by 2022 Greater Vidalia Chairman John Koon, REACH Campaign Chairman Brian Bishop, and Vidalia Mayor Doug Roper. During the REACH Campaign five teams of volunteers who include representatives of small businesses and local companies, will recruit businesses to invest in the Chamber’s 2022 program through sponsorships. In exchange for this investment, businesses will gain marketing and advertising opportunities. In return, the volunteers will be enhancing their own business connections by networking with the new recruits.

Koon said that the primary quality for selecting REACH volunteers is their devotion to the Chamber. “Each of you were asked to be a part of this because of your commitment to the Chamber. You desire to see the Chamber succeed.”

He explained the importance of this endeavor. “These sponsorships that you’re selling are the foundation for what we do at the Chamber. Without this, we wouldn’t be able to help the community and businesses like we do,” Koon said.

He added, “The REACH program is also going to allow us to do something we have never done before. For those of you who do not know, we’re going to have a big celebration in February; we’re going to bring in The Swinging Medallions, we’re going to eat, we’re going to celebrate what the Chamber is.”

Mayor Roper followed up during the kickoff, expressing the same excitement for this program. “I think we have a great story to tell and a great brand. We have more leverage with marketing than any other community may have.”

He continued to share positivity about the community. “We’re part of a community that moves its feet. Look at the last nine months. We started a Downtown Development Authority to redefine our Downtown and to bring more growth. We’re going to expand the recreation department and enhance what we offer our youth. We’re going to spend $2 to $6 million in infrastructure and work on the brown water problem we have.”

According to Roper, REACH volunteers are able to “take the opportunity to give back and be a partner with the community” to help accomplish these improvements.

Bishop informed attendees of his gratitude and excitement of the unity throughout the community. “It is amazing to see how well the Chamber, Downtown Development Authority, and city and county governments work together for the betterment of the community.”

Bishop has been a member of the Greater Vidalia Chamber for many years, and has witnessed firsthand the many attempts to gain funds and investments. He emphasized, “REACH makes things happen.”

Bishop concluded the ceremony by encouraging volunteers. “This Chamber has the best staff in the state of Georgia. Let’s get committed to these next five weeks, let’s blow these numbers out of the roof, and let’s reach out to the community.”

REACH will continue through November 4. To learn more or to make an investment, visit the Greater Vidalia Chamber website.

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