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mixed with a shot of Jack by countless aficionados.

There has been much upside with the legend of Jack Daniel, but he experienced a shortened life span, owing to a fit of temper. Legend has it that he came to work early one morning and had difficulty remembering the combination to the safe which secured records and cash. When he couldn’t open the safe, he kicked it with such vociferousness that he broke his toe which led to gangrene which led to amputations but not enough to save his life. The moral of the story is that when anger stimulates overpowering rage, be sure and kick something not made of steel. The second most famous “Lynchburger” was Johnny Majors, the Tennessee All-America tailback and later head coach who is buried in the city cemetery beside his parents. The city has named the main thoroughfare, “Johnny Majors Boulevard.”

The genial football coach was a very good friend. It was important to pay my respects. As I knelt before his marker, I remembered the good times we shared over the years and was moved to wipe away a tear. At the distillery, I raised a quiet toast to a man who, interestingly, never embraced the famous product of his hometown. Johnny “Drum” Majors preferred vodka.

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