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In the Darkness, A Spark

I figured I would share with you some thoughts I have after this disappointing week in our history.

America is in shambles. Debts are rising. A virus rots our minds and hearts. God is forgotten. Allies are abandoned. This is a dark moment in our history. Our politicians have chosen the easy out. Blame the roots of this nation for our current failures. That the “system” is racist and obsolete. That a Democratic Republic built with the fuel of capitalism cannot last. That America is finally getting what it deserves. Shame and Embarrassment. This coverup is to be expected. It’s been happening for years now. Politicians will do what they always do. Blame the framework of this Nation for their own failures. They will blame almost anyone, but themselves. What they won’t admit is that they are the ones who broke the system. Only seventy years ago this Nation was unstoppable. Factories roared and families were intact. Now, the government prides itself on its ability to pay those who do nothing. We once were able to stop totalitarianism and fascism. Now, we can’t even stop crime in our cities.

How did we fall so low? Was it the systematic racism? The Class inequality? Or perhaps it was the crushing of what made this country so great. The individual. The spirit that once drove us west. Inspired us to push every boundary. Our greatest resources are being squashed by a growing socialist movement bred by the elites of the ivory towers of the universities. By a government that bleeds away the money it takes from its citizens. These elites despise that greatness can be achieved by hands and will alone. They wish you to forget it is not the level of education that defines a man, but what a man chooses to do with the gifts of God. This Nation must ask itself once again; not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.

This nation is not what George Washington imagined when he led an army of patriots against the world’s greatest force. Perhaps, Jefferson, if he was alive today, would address the Declaration of Independence DEAR BIDEN instead of King George. Yet, even in this darkness there is still a spark. The same spark that once lit the fires that would propel this country on the greatest political experiment known to man. This spark is the common man. The belief that through Common Sense and self-responsibility a government of the people might stand. That monarchy, aristocracy, and feudalism are not needed. That a government need not do more than protect the rights of man, trade, and its nation’s borders.

Now with the largest government in our history our politicians are unable to do this. Unlimited spending fuels inflation, but no solu- continued from page

tions. This government is breaking their part of the contract which was formed with the ratification of the Constitution. They are inept, but wish to take more from those of us who still work. They wish to tear down statues of our founders and replace them with themselves. All while this country collapses from within.

I was blessed to be raised by a family who demonstrated to me the Western values of hard work and sacrifice. Unfortunately, these values are under attack. Labeled as racist and outdated; they are attacked by those who benefit from the sweat of others. It is only in a return to these values that America may rise again.

This debacle has revealed the true state of America. It is our job to fix it. There is no value in pointing fingers. It is time we returned to the days where citizens were entitled to the sweat of their own brow. When a man could determine his own fate.

The system is broken, but we broke it. It worked once, and it can work again. It’s time we returned to smaller government, strong borders, and a strong military. It is time for common sense. America must look inward before we can look outward.

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