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Toombs BOE Announces Web and Digital Design Pathway, Young Author Winners

A new technology pathway and five system winners in the 2021 Young Georgia Authors’ Writing Competition were announced in the Toombs County Board of Education’s August 12 session.

Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education (CTAE) Pathway Director and Assistant Superintendent Carmen Roberts informed board members of the creation of the “Web and Digital Design Pathway.” This pathway was implemented during FY20 and features three courses: Intro to Digital Technology, Digital Design, and Web Design. Eighteen students will complete their studies in this area in December.

The classes are taught by Tyler Corley, who has also created the Toombs County High School “You-Tube” channel. Corley said of this innovation, “It has become very popular among students and others who support the school. I hope to continue to grow the channel as students become more knowledgeable and able to assist this channel through technology classes this year.”

Roberts also acknowledged five students who achieved success in the statewide Young Georgia Authors’ Writing Competition this year. Recent graduate Mario “Alex” Castro; senior Hannah Hutcheson; junior Giovanni Yescas; 7th grader Abigail Warf; and 6th grader Lawton Toole won in their categories within the First District RESA Region. They will be recognized in a district ceremony on August 26 at the Liberty County Performing Arts Center.

The Board also approved the hiring of Vicki Caraway at Toombs County High as a Special Education teacher and of Marion Brian at Toombs County Middle as an English Language Arts/Learning Loss Teacher.

The Board also adopted a state-mandated policy regarding paid parental leave. New parents through adoption, foster child placement, or traditional birth are allowed a month of paid time off to adjust to their new lifestyle.

Another State Boardmandated policy formally adopted by the local Board concerns student wellness through nutrition and physical activity.

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