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RTCA Announces SGA Officers

RTCA Announces SGA Officers RTCA Announces SGA Officers

Robert Toombs Christian Academy’s Student Government Association has officially elected the 2021-2022 officers. After student and teacher votes were counted and teacher recommendations were factored into the equation, the following is a list of students nominated: SGA Executive Officers: SGA President: Ellie Graham, SGA Vice-President: Madison Williams, SGA Secretary: Kate Kennedy, SGA Treasurer: Jackson Newton, SGA Projects Chairman: Marli McCranie.

SGA Class Officers: Seniors: Grade Chair: Hannah Meek, Class Representative: Morgan Newsome.

Juniors: Grade Chair: Andrew Tuck, Class Representative: Dawson Pinckard.

Sophomores: Grade Chair: Caroline Thompson.

Freshmen: Grade Chair: Meredith Durden.

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