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The above may sound like a dispassionate lecture on American constitutional history, but when government overreach affects our daily lives in an arbitrary and unfair manner, we silent majority Americans start to get angry. It started in our schools when our youngest children were exposed to liberal sex education indoctrination and our older college students were taught that “all whiteness = inevitable racism.” A successful society must have laws that are enforced fairly and evenly. When we saw riots and looting that went unpunished, and now see a massive big-city crime spree ignited by an end to cash bail rules, we know our way of life and the future of our children are in jeopardy. How can any business survive if shoplifters can walk away with $998’s worth of merchandise with impunity? We all have sympathy for people in other nations who live in poverty. But there are rules for entry to our country; otherwise, we will have 300 million people coming in from South America alone. Ignoring our border rules means an inevitable increase in crime, drugs, and disease and an overwhelming of our government assistance systems.

We rely on free and fair elections. When citizens feel that their leaders are not listening to them, they know they can change their representatives at the ballot box. But when rampant cheating, hacking, and fraud are obvious, we realize we are helpless against an out-of-control government.

The final straw was with the COVID pandemic. As good-natured Americans, we did what our leaders asked to “slow the spread,” but soon we realized that the harm of the shutdowns, closed schools, and unproven vaccines outweighed the benefits. When people started telling their personal stories of vaccine side-effects, we realized that forcing people to take an experimental injection against their will, especially if the safeguards and proper oversight are being ignored, is a threat to their very lives. And using back- door mandates from employers and schools has every thinking American crying “foul.”

The new Angry Majority is showing up and shouting loudly in local school board meetings, demanding an end to liberal sex indoctrination and Critical Race Theory. They are coming to city councils in record numbers demanding more funding to their local police and are signing petitions to recall governors who have exceeded their authority with insane COVID rules.

Woke corporations who are currying favor with leftist elites are seeing a serious financial backlash from citizens who feel that a carbonated beverage should have zero political views and insist that basketball players should not be wearing political slogans on their jerseys.

We may not always agree on which issues of fairness and freedom are most important, but we can all concur that when they are attacked, we must band together to protect our country’s future and our way of life.

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