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continued from page have missed ….

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have missed only three of the championships since that time. This week brings

about the fourth. (Dastardly COVID.) It was always a highlight of the summer to take a couple of weeks exploring several of Europe’s classic destinations before finding my way to the Open.

The first trip over, I took winter clothes, but the weather patterns seemed to have changed dramatically. There is no longer a need for thermal underwear, even when the tournament is played in Scotland. A summer sport coat and short sleeve shirts are all you need today. I once took golf clubs, but soon learned that rental equipment was good enough to enjoy links golf. The remarkable caddies made up for the lack of equipment familiarity. St. Georges now allows women to join its club. For the longest time that was an issue with all the clubs which hosted the Open championship. Until recently, there were three clubs on the Open Rota — St. Georges, Troon and St. Andrews — which refused to allow women members. The club that got the most grief about that was St. Georges, owing to a blatant sign in the car park: “No dogs, no women.”

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