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continued from page naïve and ….

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naïve and passive in the face of cancel culture, censorship, and creeping cultural totalitarianism that is so obviously and rapidly redefining the country.

While there are minor differences in theory amongst those who have lived under and have experienced communism up close, they basically agree that communists generally target four primary institutions to break down and replace: 1) the Family unit; 2) Religion, Christianity in particular; 3) Individuality and independent thinking (which is supplanted by collectivist group think); and 4) Loyalty to the nation-state (which is supplanted by global and internationalist affinities).

My friends also agree on the four steps or stages that communists employ to take over targeted peoples and nations. First, communists seek to bring about “demoralization,” which takes many years — a generation or two — of brainwashing to destroy the moral fiber and integrity of the target people or country. The second stage, which is shorter, is to bring about “destabilization,” and targets the weakening of the country’s economy, justice system and law enforcement, and its defense capabilities. The third stage is to bring about a “crisis.” This is the last major step in the communist playbook, which usually involves a cataclysmic event that upsets and divides the country — pitting large groups against each other, creating either civil war or simply chaos and panic. The fourth and final stage in the realization of the communist-type society is what is called “normalization,” and it is generally irreversible. That is the final stage where the new powerbrokers take over and the populace of the target country loses all its remaining freedoms, its connection to its past, while the new state employs censorship and propaganda to enforce acquiescence to the new communist reality being imposed.

According to the “four stages of communist revolution,” the United States is now clearly in the third Crisis Stage, with division making the country nearly ungovernable and revolutionary change being manifest in a fraudulent election. Not only is Joe Biden’s election legitimacy as President in question, but so is his mental competence. Additionally, his fundamental trustworthiness is in question because of son Hunter taking large monetary sums on behalf of the Biden family from corrupt foreign countries, with China being the largest benefactor.

The greatest crime against the American people and the U.S. Constitution is the soft coup of election fraud.

We all sense that many people in high places in the U.S. government have for many years violated their oaths of office and became compromised by gaming the system to gain wealth and stature. And with America having a corrupt two-tiered justice system that gives cover and protection to a favored political party and its chosen figures, it is only free and fair elections that are the peoples’ chief constitutional check on corruption. When election integrity is lost, the country will be lost.

Our communist enemies likely view the forensic audits of election results in Arizona and elsewhere as a means of keeping the Crisis Stage going. Regardless of the facts, the mainstream and social media will in all probability either ignore or discredit audit outcome results that are contrary to their narrative that denies the existence of 2020 election fraud. And with probably 40% of the American population being brainwashed and demoralized, the Crisis Stage in America is clearly a high-risk period.

While this late-stage challenge is frightening, America has overcome many equally daunting challenges throughout its past. And, historically, Americans have exhibited a tendency to wake up and rally at the 11th hour.

The good news is that a greater number of Americans are now more informed and better prepared to accept election audit findings and consequences than they would have been in the two and a half months immediately after the election when Trump was still in office.

What is critical now is that the people fully realize that the freedoms they have enjoyed under the democratic constitutional republic of the United States can only be guaranteed at this point by election integrity. There simply is no substitute for victory in the fight to restore and protect the honesty of our electoral system. Election integrity is the indispensable firewall to keep America a free nation.

Scott Powell is senior fellow at the Discovery Institute and author of the forthcoming book, Rediscovering America. Reach him at scottp@ discovery.Org.

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