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continued from page possessed Rice’s ….

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possessed Rice’s soul? People want to know.

A survey released last week now finds that 51% of voters believe at least some cheating in 2020 contributed to *President Biden’s win. People like the voters in Arizona. The audit continues there, and there continues to be buzz about what the findings will show. That buzz must be fairly significant. So much so that Biden Attorney General, Merrick Garland, was cajoled to come out this weekend making a statement of how the Justice Department will need to “scrutinize” the results of any such audit.

Scrutinize, shputinize.

The Justice Department can lay no claim to any authority over such audit. The Constitution and the courts have consistently found that state legislatures are the only entitled powers to do exactly what’s being done in Arizona.

If Garland or Biden feel otherwise you know where that heads? To the Supreme Court—which has taken great delight in slapping Biden and company down a record number of times by 9-0 in these first 150 plus days. And even on a 5-4 case sided against Biden just this last week.

So if Biden is too feeble, Kamala cackles at every question she doesn’t know the answer to, but the invisible hand of “someone” continues to executive order the way forward, all while we appear to be complete soulless idiots on the global stage—what’s to be done?

Arizona may be on to something. Dive deep to figure out what happened. Fix it. And tell these power crazed demons that “We The People” will take it from here.

It’s what we must do!

Kevin McCullough (@ KMCRadio) breaks news as it happens in New York on Salem Media’s AM 570/970 weekday afternoons. He’s nationally syndicated. He operates a boutique media firm which produces broadcast/podcast content airing on 1600+ outlets, seven days per week. He’s a 3 time best-selling author. He’s committed to God, his family, and his fellow man. He is burdened by injustice. He pursues clarity above everything… and wishes more people would to!

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