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who seemingly should know better, MSNBC c rank Joy Reid, boasting about jogging outside wearing two masks despite being fully vaccinated. From the network constantly shrieking “follow the science,” what science is she following?

Is she suffering from Stockholm Syndrome after her network spent the past five years keeping their handful of viewers hostage over Trump-Russian collusion, Mueller, the “walls closing in” on Trump, and COVID propaganda? Is she simply virtue signaling? Or is she just an ignoramus?

To each his own. Those who want to mask and goggle up forever despite having COVID and natural immunity or vaccine-induced immunity, are free to do so.

Actor, now public health expert, Matthew McConaughey wants masks forever. Considering running for Texas governor, he “is going to bat for universal mask wearing, expressing his belief that it does not take away an individual’s identity or freedom and asserting that no data exists showing the practice as harmful.”

There is also no data that wearing a helmet constantly or using a seatbelt when sitting in a chair is harmful either, and might actually prevent a few falls or head injuries, but is he advocating for those? Does he suffer from Stockholm Syndrome or simply idiocy?

Disgraced journalist Dan Rather has it partially right when he tweeted, “I’m confused. Why should people care if someone wants to wear a mask outside?” Again, to each his own. Would he be similarly apathetic if someone wanted to carry a firearm outside, as per the 2nd Amendment? Or wear a MAGA hat? Or a continued from page

“QAnon” shirt? I’d bet he wouldn’t be “confused” that those things are racist, white supremacist, insurrectionist, or some other supposed evil.

Stockholm Syndrome won’t explain all the permanent mask wearing but is certainly a reasonable explanation for a society that has been held hostage and beaten into submission incessantly for the past 15 months.

Add this phenomenon to the existing flood of anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues post-pandemic. Perhaps fired Yale psychiatrist Dr. Bandy Lee, who opined frequently about the “psychotic” mental state of Donald Trump and Alan Dershowitz, can weigh in but don’t expect any thoughtful questions or discussion from a major cause of these issues, the media.

Brian C Joondeph, MD, is a physician and writer. He is on sabbatical from social media.

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