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the All-Star Game. Now, thanks to Stacey Abrams, that boost will instead go to businesses in the majority-white city of Denver.

Meanwhile, business is booming for Stacey Abrams, Inc. Despite her failure to prevent Georgia from implementing common-sense safeguards to protect the integrity of our elections, Abrams did manage to inflate her own public profile with her illconsidered tirades, and she’s parlaying that into book deals that will line her pockets and enhance her standing with wealthy white liberals whose only concern is boosting Democrat turnout, by hook or by crook.

In many ways, Stacey Abrams is Georgia’s answer to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. They both lie for partisan advantage and get rewarded with book deals. The biggest difference between them is that Abrams is already a failed gubernatorial candidate, whereas Cuomo is about to become one.

Vernon Jones is a former Georgia State Representative and current Republican candidate for Governor of Georgia.

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