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Ribeye Roundup Held In Lyons

Ribeye Roundup Held In Lyons Ribeye Roundup Held In Lyons

It was a stacked field of World Champions this weekend in Lyons! Grillers from Texas, North Carolina, Florida, Alabama and Georgia showed up and showed out this weekend in Lyons! Lyons Main Street hosted a quad SCA steak cookoff better known as the Lyons Ribeye Roundup.

Mike McElwaney, “Big Mike”, from McDonough, GA, stated, “To give you a caliber of the people that have come. This is Sunday, the second day of our event, we had 22 competitors. Of those 22, 21 were at the 2020 World Championships for the SCA in Fort Worth Texas. I don't know the exact number, but I would have to say 20 of them have been at the last 2 years of the SCA World Championships in Fort Worth. The 2018 World Champion cook is out there cooking, the 2018 5th place Champion is cooking. The 2019 3rd place and 6th place cooks are out there. For 2020, this year’s champions, 2nd place and 7th place is out there. And we have a two time World Champion ancillary cook out there. It’s a stacked field.

“It’s amazing that this small town in south Georgia has pulled in people as far as Texas. We have a lot of Florida and Alabama and Georgia, of course, which I’m the most proud of because I’m one of those. They pulled off attracting some of the biggest names in our sport.

“Our scores were some of the highest we’ve seen in a long time. Typically these cooks that are out here can make a continued from page

bad steak score well. This weekend they got to play with good steak so we had some of the best meat that they could ever fool with. They showed up and did what they do with them and the scores proved that. Our perfect score in our sport is 254.5. We had yesterday, 18 of our 26 competitors got 250 points or more. And today, on Sunday, in one of the fields, we ended up with at least 10, at least half the field, that scored 250 plus.

“Thank you, Lyons Main Street, for putting this on, for getting an event where our cooks are willing to travel to come from all over the country to come to it, even on Mother’s Day weekend. There’s a lot of mommas out there cooking too. Thank y’all, it’s been a very fun weekend and we look forward to it again!”

Many of the competitors and the event promotor for SCA also commented on the quality of the meat that they were able to cook with over the weekend. All meat was provided by Thriftway Galaxy Food Center of Lyons. They said it was even better quality than the American Wagyu steaks that they cooked with recently at a competition in Alabama.

Vidalia's own Andy Clarke from Clarke Appliance placed 2nd and 5th place respectively on Saturday. He also received a golden ticket to head to the 2021 World Championship in Fort Worth, Texas.

Local Steak Cookoff winner Andy Clarke gets his Golden Ticket to the World Championships.

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