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When you say something now folks come with some smart ellick mess. Well, they come to late to mess with me. God allows things as a test of our faith as he did with Job. Now the devil made a wager with God that old Job would fail, but the devil didn’t know Job. He was a man of great faith. So then before Christ took that power away from the devil he could kill you and now he can kill you in many ways but not physically. So God said that the devil could try him out but he couldn’t kill him physically. So the devil brought out the big guns and lowered the boom on old Job and he almost flopped and failed but he hung in there like white on rice and he came out the other side a better man. Now, when you refer to Job’s story these know all know nothing guys will say, “Yea but this virus can kill you!” I think but I’m too riled up to say, “Well, hoss not if God don’t allow it.” Oh He can allow this mess like He allowed the devil’s mess. So when are we going to get it in our thick skulls and really believe it. Life and death ultimately lies in God’s hands. The devil can’t kill you. That virus can’t kill you if your faith hedge is strong and if it is not God’s will. God allows some to die because we will all die sometime but not until God says yea. And no it is not a set time because that would contradict the bible. So here we go! The spirit of satanic fear turns God off and He supplies our needs one way or another but what gets His ultimate attention is faith. The word says in Hebrews 11:6, that without faith it is impossible to please God. Are you pleasing God or running scared? Now,Godalloweditand God delivers and He has given the wisdom and knowledge to create a vaccine because the continuance of this virus is no longer God’s will. The test has been done and most failed. Now many churches are closed or half closed and God don’t like facebook churches and prison and jail and nursing homes ministers like me and my wife still can not go in and preach in those places until everyone gets this vaccination and it must be done quickly. Now that is God’s will! Can you say amen?


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