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Yumion Writing Contest Winners Announced

The winners of the 2021 Yumion Writing Contest were recently announced. This year there were over 560 entries. “We had a lot of fun reading the stories and looking at the pictures the students drew. We can't wait for next year!” said Stacey L. Wright, Ladson Librarian & Vidalia-Toombs County Librarian. All prizes will be given out at the schools.

Kindergarten-2nd Grade

1st Place – Camryn Phillips (Toombs Central) 2nd Place – Akari Callaway (Reidsville Elementary) 3rd Place – Ella Kate Davis (Reidsville Elementary) Honorable Mention Cohen Rigdon (Reidsville Elementary)

3rd-4th Grade

1st Place – Gracie Gross (Toombs Central) 2nd Place – Braylen Jarriel (Reidsville Elementary) 3rd Place – Wendy Padilla (Reidsville Elementary) Honorable Mention – Sianna Patrick (Toombs Central)

5th-6th Grade

1st Place – William Featherston (Toombs County Middle School) 2nd Place – Hayden Ford (Toombs County Middle School) 3rd place – Parker Mc-Corkle (Reidsville Elementary) Honorable Mention Violet Claire Shuman (Reidsville Elementary) 7th-8th Grade

1st Place – Ty Foskey (Toombs County Middle) 2nd Place – Ava Chumley (Toombs County Middle) 3rd Place – Betzaida Gonzalez- Solorzano (Toombs County Middle) Honorable Mention – Ricardo Abarca-Alarcon (Toombs County Middle School)

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