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I wanted to be in style and so I bought me a pair of these awesome (yes I finally used that word) mud bogging shoes with the heavy track soles and heels that is suppose to keep you from having anaccident. Wrong! Those thingswillgetyoukilled! The first time I wore them I thought I had just put a couple of stumps onmyfeet. Anyway,Iwasdoing some work on a ladder and these awesome shoes and I highlight the word awesome got caught in one of the ladder steps and it throwed me and down I came withanawesomethud. Ifellon somehardbricksteps. ImeanI wasinpain. Now,Iknowright now some of you awesome shoe lovers are saying, “Oh, you could have had the same accident if you was barefooted!” Wrong! I spent a big part of my life barefooted. Out in the country back in the 50’s (the 1950’s; not the 1850’s) we went barefooted just about all the time. As children we even went to church barefooted part of thetime. So,nowyouknow! Yes, I was a country hick and proudofit. Iwouldn’ttake nothing for the way I was raised. Now,therestofthestory! Ijust wanted to give the Lord praise, because of his protecting power. My brother in law took a fall and one of his ribs punctured his spline and he got in fowl shape quick. Well,thisfallItookwas on my rib cage next to my heart. A rib can puncture your heart andthenit’ssolong. So,Ijust want to thank an awesome God for His awesome power and awesome goodness toward me. Giving Him praise for once again taking care of me as He has thousands of times before. I thank Him and praise His holy righteous name. Psalms 34:1. Can you say amen?


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