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City of Alamo Passes Property Maintenance Ordinance

The Alamo City Council’s March meeting involved several updates on business previously discussed. Due to the weather, construction at the new recreation department has been delayed, and so the fencing around the basketball courts is still in process.

The strategic planning committee that was established in March of this year and designed to aid the council in the enhancement of Alamo City Hall met for the first time on March 10. Councilwoman and Mayor Pro Tem Patricia Woodard reported that the meeting was very productive. Members of the committee expressed the following concerns: the building does not meet marginal safety factors for the employees; the building does not comply with any ADA standards; there is black mold in the bathrooms; no usable space for privacy when discussing bills and other private matters. The committee will meet again on April 10.

City Manager, Jeffery Floyd, provided updates on the Property Maintenance Ordinance, part of an ongoing effort to beautify the City of Alamo. The Dilapidated Housing Ordinance, already in place, enables the Council to address uninhabitable residences. After discussing the Property Maintenance Ordinance for some time now, the Council passed the ordinance, which extends its ability to address the lack of maintenance of property within the city.

In February’s meeting Councilman Thomas Lott proposed the development of a sports bar in the city. As summarized by Attorney Russell Clark in this month’s meeting, Councilman Lott called for a referendum “on the question of, ‘Can the city issue a pouring license?’ ” The Council voted to pose this question to the public either on a special election date or on the November ballot. This vote will not only determine the location of Lott’s new sports bar, but also Lott’s seat on the council. Due to the city’s Alcohol Regulation Ordinance, members of Council cannot legally request a “pouring license” and therefore Lott would be required to step down from his Council seat. Since he is not up for reelection this year, a future special election would be held for Lott’s replacement were this referendum passed.

In January, the Council approved the use of the 2021 Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant to repave and stripe the end of 1st Street and Lucille Avenue. Since then, the Council received bids from the following construction companies: SWW Construction ($41,750); Billy Ray Tanner ($42,800); and Hooks Construction and Forestry Company Inc. ($22,482). SWW and Hooks also submitted bids to remove and replace damaged storm drains (SWW, $68,368; Hooks, $26,149). Hooks, which has worked with the city before, will oversee the repaving and repairs.

In other business, Acting Police Chief Karen Zanders reported that 25 citations were given in the last month, resulting in $1,300 paid to the city.

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