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Pro Wrestling Here In Toombs

Professinoal Wrestling has been around this area for quite a while with several local promoters holding events at places like the Lyons City Gym and others. But there is a new group that is bringing a new level of wrestling to the area, and they are looking to keep it here and even expand on what they have already done. Just over a month ago Lariato Wrestling along with Doc Gallows, Scotty Bullwinkle, and Joey Drew of Legacy Perfomance Center and Wrestling in Lyons put on a show at the Toombs County Middle School gym with around 600 spectators coming to watch. The show featured some big names from the wrestling world and the event was such a success that even the likes of Vince McMahon, owner of the WWE, commented on what had transpired at the show.

This wasn't just a normal show for the area as Impact Wrestling was actually filming the event to be aired on TV. They will continue to be doing so at upcoming matches at TCMS as well.

At the show John Syler took on and defeated Sal Rinarou. The E.N.D. Defeated Viva La Amish, Landon Hale and J. Spade, and the Toombs County Connection in a Four Way Tag Match. Local big name Logan Creed won his match over Marvelous Michael Stevens. His wife Brooklyn Creed also pulled out her match over Reka Taka.

NZO won a gauntlet match after he was attacked and Impact Wrestling star Hernandez and former WWE star Big Cass, now known as CazXI, won an impromptu six man tag match as they hit the ring for the first time in a while.

Bryce Cannon retained the LPWG Lionheart Championship with his win over Manny Lemons, Lazer and Wolverton. Bolo took on Frankie Ciatso and George North in a handicap match and came away the winner. And Impact star and LPWG Heavyweight Champion Eric Young retained the title after a win over Fry Daddy.

There will be another event at TCMS coming up on March 27 with several more big name players taking to the ring to battle it out for the fans.

Joey Drew said, “The news that came out of this was all across wrestling forums, became world news in the wrestling industry with some of the big names that were on this stage. It is just great to be a part of something big for this community. Just to be able to bring back something to this community. Also being able to use some of the big local names like Scotty Bullwinkle, Logan Creed, and some of the others is just great as well.

“But it also great to have those big names come in, and to be able to have that right here for these fans. It has been great and we are just thankful to have been able to get it to Lyons and we are going to keep it here as well.”

Drew had opened his gym with the idea of teaching the basics and the ins and outs of what it takes to be in the ring. They are doing just that at his gym, and making sure they are teaching the safe way to go about wrestling and how to put on a show in the process.

And through teaching Drew is bringing more interest to Toombs County. Drew had been working with All Elite Wrestling previously and used his connections to bring in some pro wrestlers to his gym. Through that they got in contact with Doc Gallows and things just took off from there. Gallows stated, “About a year ago after the pandemic was setting in I was released from WWE and with that signed with Impact Wrestling. Being from Georgia, I was really wanting to help bring more shows and bigger things to the local communities, and Joey and Scotty brought this to me and we just started working it out. “I was shocked by the support from the size of the community and the amount of fans that were letting us know that they wanted something right here. I have been very fortunate over the years and that has let me put my focus on this type of showing.

“Right now we are getting focused on what we are calling our Double Shot Weekend where we will be in Rome on March 26 and then back in Lyons at the Toombs Middle School on March 27.

“We are really being able to develop a bond with the fans in Lyons and the surrounding communities with the shows that we have had there. And we have big things coming in our next show. We will have Big Cass back, and we are going to have a reunion of the Aces & Eights. We are just excited to get this going and to bring it to Lyons.”

Gallows along with the rest of the team are already in the process of scheduling shows for May and are hoping to have many more in the future for the fans in this area.

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