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Wheeler County Elementary School 3rd Graders Write Poems

Students in Mrs. White's 3rd grade reading class have been writing and illustrating rhyming couplet poems. Following are a few:

“The Mole”

There once was a mole Who lived in a hole The mole went to school And acted like a fool The mole knew today He would not get to play.

“My Truck Buck”

By Luke Bell

I once had a truck That I gave the name Buck I painted it red And put a camper on the bed I drove it to the lake To have a long break.

“Girly Girl” By Katelyn Parker

I like fancy fingernails I do not like nasty snails I like ribbons and lace And make-up on my face I like dressing up And drinking from a fancy cup.

“Tough and Rough”

By Maysen Floyd

I love to play outside It's fun to go on a bike ride I dig in the dirt Sometimes I get hurt But I am tough That's why I play rough.

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