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A compilation of quotations on a variety of issues by national, state and regional writers, well-known personalities, just plain everyday people and from various publications collected by the editors of THE ADVANCE.

Quotes for our Times:

'Covid is a true killer. So far it’s killed the flu, cancer, heart disease – it killed the ability to think, logic & common sense. It killed the economy, the working class, & millions of jobs. It killed millions of businesses, human connection, love and compassion.'

Jeff Nelson, @vegsource

Julio Rosas, Senior Writer for Townhall. com: ICE explains why they locked their Twitter account that warned Americans of fugitive aliens.

'It seems the Biden Admin locked @ ICEAlerts because if you were to report the location of one of these dangerous aliens to ICE, it would become too obvious that these assaulters, drug dealers, thieves, and drunk drivers are now allowed to go free under Biden's policies,' Jon Feere, former senior advisor to the ICE Director and chief of staff, tweeted.

Tim Graham, executive editor of News-Busters and director of media analysis for the Media Research Center: Al Sharpton's hoary heart-to-heart with Kamala.

Sharpton credited Harris with convincing him to get a vaccine, which he did. But there was no question on how Harris and Biden claimed they had to start on vaccine distribution 'from scratch,' which is flat-out false. Or a question about Harris' statement last year she wouldn't trust any vaccine released by Trump before the election.

Katie Pavlich, Editor of

Rubio points out the 'utter ridiculousness' of Biden's new immigration policies.

'How are these people getting here? They're getting here because trafficking networks are taking advantage of poor, desperate people and they're telling them, 'there's a new president, this new president will let you come in the United States and stay there if you show up with a child.'…' said Sen. Marco Rubio-R FL.

Rubio's remarks come as the illegal immigration and unaccompanied minor crisis at the southern border continues to get worse. Back in Washington, D.C., the U.S. Capitol is still surrounded by fencing topped with razor wire and National Guard soldiers are still patrolling the area.

Jeff Crouere, political columnist and author: Crazy old Biden and the countdown to


Biden is mentally deteriorating, as most astute observers knew he would. His condition has become so worrisome that 31 House Democrats are demanding the control of the 'nuclear football' be removed from the sole authority of the president.

In the background, smiling and patiently waiting, is Vice President Kamala Harris, a socialist with radical views on a range of issues. To bolster her position, she has the full support of former President Obama and his political entourage.

She knows that her ascendancy will come sooner rather than later.

Harris is biding her time, as the countdown has begun.

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