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Chick-Fil-A Holds Road Race

Chick-Fil-A Holds Road Race Chick-Fil-A Holds Road Race

Chick-Fil-A hosted their 5k – 10k Road Race last Saturday with proceeds going to a worthy cause, the Paul Anderson Youth Home and Win-Shape Camps. There was also a 1-mile fun run held during the event. Vice President of PAYH Betty Burris said, “We are excited today. We have enjoyed watching our guys come across that finish line and do so well. They are excited and are proud of the accomplishments that they have achieved. We are thankful for all of what this race has provided for us and we can't thank everyone involved enough.”

Local Chick-Fil-A owner Brit McDade added, “Feels great to do all that we can. We have had a great turnout, and this community continues to amaze me. We want to thank all of our sponsors for doing all they can for these two great causes. It is just a great event. The PAYH boys have been wonderful out here today, and the WinShape camps are another great cause. We think that we are going to again this year raise around $15,000 for each organization.”

The winner of the 10k race was Darren Crook with a time of 38:53. Second place went to Connor Gardiner and third place to Moses Williams. Macy Todd won the female 10k. Williams was named the winner at the race on Saturday, but the website with official times reordered places after race day. In the 5k race Axel Sierra won the overall with a time of 17:37. Sarah Owen won the female 5k with a time of 20: 41. Army Specialist Moses Williams from Ft. Stewart took third in the 10k race. He said, “It was a bit cold out today, but it was a good day out here. I have been running a while, and ran really good out here today. I had a good time, and enjoy doing these races that help out the communities.”

5k race winner Sarah Owen of Vidalia High School stated, “I think I had a good day. It also helped with a bit of confidence for the rest of the track season. It was a bit windy out today and that kind of got me out here a bit. It feels good to give back to the community and to help out these causes.”

Moses Williams was declared the winner of the 10k race on race day.Photo by Mike Branch

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