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Deputy Sheriff Foils Suspects’ Get-Away in Stolen Truck

Deputy Sheriff Foils Suspects’  Get-Away in Stolen Truck Deputy Sheriff Foils Suspects’  Get-Away in Stolen Truck

An observant Wheeler County deputy sheriff foiled a get-away by two suspects in a stolen truck early Wednesday, February 3.

Deputy Marquis Clark began pursuit of the suspects after he observed their suspicious behavior at a convenience store in Glenwood around 1:29 a.m. Clark’s report noted the driver of a Chevrolet Silverado missed the driveway at the Circle K at the corner of Georgia Highway 280 and State Route 19 and had to reposition to the truck to make the turn.

“I sat in the parking lot across from Circle K and watched while continued from page

a white male walked up to the store and a black male stumbled around the gas pumps,” Clark reported. As the truck left the parking lot of the convenience store, it struck a curb and the deputy prepared to initiate a traffic stop. The truck then sped away.

The deputy chased the vehicle down Highway 280 into a field in Montgomery County where the driver and his passenger left the truck and fled into the woods.

Deputy Clark drew his weapon and commanded the suspects to stop. A white male he recognized from previous arrests and incarcerations as Jesse Smith of Glenwood fled the scene and is still at large, but a black male identified as Daniel Silas Walker of Rhine later came out of the woods and surrendered to authorities. He was charged with fleeing and attempting to elude a police officer for a felony offense.

The truck that Walker was operating was reported stolen in Dodge County. Dodge County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Stephen Cox said the suspect is facing charges of possession of a stolen vehicle there. Walker is being held in the Wheeler County jail.

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