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Wheeler Votes to Sign Service Agreement with Ryland

Wheeler County’s transition to manned trash collection centers was discussed further in the Board of Commissioners’ meeting on January 4.

A motion to sign a service agreement provided by Ryland Environmental Waste Management was presented and passed. This service agreement entails the cost of the two rolloff dumpsters the county will lease from Ryland Environmental. The listed hauling price is $200 for the service of delivering the county’s garbage to the landfill and returning the containers. This price will decrease “the more [trash collection centers] we open,” Chairman Keith McNeal said.

Also listed in this service agreement are the landfill fees of $30 a ton, which is what the county is currently paying, as well as the rental cost of Ryland’s trash containers of $90 per month. There will be two containers available at the county’s trash collection centers, the first of which should open in the “next couple of weeks on Community Church Road,” reported Chairman McNeal.

In other business, Bobby Cox was reappointed as the third member of the Heart of Georgia Altamaha Regional Commission.

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