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Mayor: Glenwood in Great Financial Shape

“We’re in the best financial state we’ve been in in years,” Mayor G.M. Joiner said of the City of Glenwood in the council’s meeting on January 5. On December 5, the city received its first landfill check from Green Rock Strategies, a waste management firm, for $2,520—payment for Glenwood’s management of outside water-waste in the city’s water treatment plant. The restructuring of the city’s loan with the United States Department of Agriculture for the water treatment plant is complete. Prior to this restructuring, the city was paying $7,300 a month. This has been lowered to a payment of $4,300 a month, with a reduced interest rate of 1.25%. These restructuring efforts significantly account for the boost in the city’s financial state.

Mayor Joiner signed a contract with Republic Waste Management Services on January 5—an agreement that will restructure the city’s garbage disposal system. Republic will furnish new trash bins, offer curbside bin pickup, and disposal of the binned garbage. Despite these changes, fees will remain the same.

For more information about this transition, call Glenwood City Hall at (912) 523-5223.

In other business, Brenda Comett, city clerk, submitted her resignation, effective immediately, at the Glenwood City Council’s meeting on December 1. The Council held a special call meeting on Wednesday, December 9, during which Colen Horne Jr. was appointed temporary city clerk. Elaine Pope has since been employed as deputy city clerk. Since their appointments, Horne and Pope have aided the city of Glenwood in wrapping up the fiscal year and preparing for 2021.

Mayor Joiner reported that Matt Wells has resigned as street maintenance personal, and that Logan Floyd was hired in his stead.

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