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One-Legged Tap Dancer

“That fellow was as busy as a onelegged tap dancer!” Several years ago, I heard a preacher use that phrase to describe an act that appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show many years ago. The act involved a fellow with 12 plates, 12 sticks (24” long) and a long table.

I actually remember the act, and I’m sure that some of you who remember the Ed Sullivan Show may also remember it. The act started with the fellow standing a stick on the table and placing a plate on top of it. He then started spinning the plate and continued until it stayed there by itself. He continued this procedure until he had all the sticks standing with plates spinning on top of each one.

The most difficult part of the act was keeping the plates spinning while he continued to set up additional plates. After he had all the plates spinning, he had to run from plate to plate to keep the plates from falling. That’s why he was said to be “as busy as a one-legged tap dancer.”

Finally, the preacher used that story to describe our lives today and how we tend to get so many worldly things going at one time. I’m sure you know how easy it is for us to get so busy and concerned over something that’s not even worth worrying about in the first place. And while we’re talking about worrying, I’m reminded of something a friend told me a few years ago. He said his mother was a chronic worrier, and when he told her she shouldn’t worry so much, she said, “Well, I can tell you one thing – it must work, because 90% of the things I worry about never happen.”

When you think about it, folks, you’ll probably agree that we all worry about things that never happen – which, I suppose, has nothing to do with the fact that we were worrying in the first place. You know, folks, I actually think that most continued from page

of our worrying may be directly related to our busy lives and because we’re all acting like one-legged tap dancers.

And while we’re talking about one-legged tap dancers, I think it’s only appropriate that we mention her most liberal highness – former “First Lady” Hillary Clinton. Lately, she’s been running around doing a lot of “spinning” on her own, which in the political world is also known as the deliberate broadcasting of “untruths.”

Hillary, even though she lost the election to Donald Trump, has commented now on Trump’s second appointment to the United States Supreme Court. She said she was afraid the Administration was going back to a 1950 state or maybe a 1850 state. She’s very worried about overturning the 1973 Roe v Wade decision that made abortions legal. Since then millions of babies have been killed by doctors that have violated their oath to save lives and started taking the lives of babies. And the organization known as Planned Parenthood is right in the middle of it, giving tons of money to Liberal Politicians that support “abortion on demand.”

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