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“The “Strip:” Spectacular!


Dear Deborah, Your article on “The Strip” in Vidalia was simply outstanding. I am seventy (70) and have been reading The Vidalia Advance (it will always be that to me) since I could first read. The extraordinary research and variety of people and pictures in the story were amazing.

For you and William to have initially told me “you didn’t have much to go on” to the spectacular end product was beyond description.

Mam, you can flat out write! What fun reminiscing. I loved all the memorable stories and tales — especially the pictures.

I would have been convinced you were right there with us riding the strip, dating, singing the songs and just enjoying good wholesome fun in the fifties and sixties. Simply the best story I’ve ever read in any Vidalia or Toombs publication. Sincerely, Jack Sasser, Jr.

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