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Montgomery County Receives Employee Safety Grant From ACCG Insurance Programs

Montgomery County was recently awarded an Employee Safety Grant from the ACCGGroup Self-Insurance Workers’ Compensation Fund (ACCG- GSIWCF). The Employee Safety Grants are available to Fund members that are fostering a culture of workplace safety through additional training, equipment, or services. The ACCG-GSIWCF Board of Trustees allotted $1.5 million in grant funds over a three-year period, with $500,000 available to eligible members in 2020. “We are pleased to provide THIS newly created grant program to assist members in improving their safety efforts,” said ACCG- GSIWCF Board of Trustees Chairman and McDuffie County Commissioner Frederick Favors. “The opportunity to receive the Employee Safety Grant is just one of the many benefits of being a part of ACCG’s member-owned workers’ compensation program.”

The ACCG-GSIWCF provides workers’ compensation insurance to more Georgia county governments than all other insurers combined and has assets of approximately $248 million. Since 1985, the program has returned more than $90 million in dividends to the membership.

ACCG offers loss control services to all members of its workers’ compensation program through Local Government Risk Management Services (LGRMS), a nonprofit agency operated jointly with the Georgia Municipal Association. Each member appoints a Safety Coordinator to work with LGRMS on creating and maintaining safe working environments for their government officials, employees and volunteers.

ACCG is Georgia’s County Association and was formed in 1914 when county officials came together to help fund the state’s first highway department. ACCG works on behalf of county officials and their communities by providing public policy and legislative advocacy, leadership development, civic and community engagement initiatives, insurance and retirement programs that specialize in local government needs and other cost-saving programs. ACCG today serves as a catalyst for advancing Georgia’s counties. For more information, go to

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