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You see what these oh so smart millenniums don’t know and you can’t google it is that us senior citizens can smell a skunk a mile away. So I picked up the telephone and this young squirt began to rattle off a spill ninety to nothing, which unbeknowing to him I had been a salesman for over 60 years from when I was 12 years old and I know every trick in the trade and wrote the book on some of them. So he thought he had me eating out of his hand when he began to give the spill about the fake groups and I readily agreed and so after all this he ask my correct name and address. I guess to check and see if I had a good mind or not, which come to find out my mind was better than his, because like Solomon I had sought God for wisdom of which that young know nothing knew nothing about. 1ST Kings 3:12. So he ask, “Can I count on you dear sir to help with this program,” and I said, “Well, I am a senior on very low fixed income. So I don’t think I can help much!” He then said, “Well, there is a $75.00, $50.00 and a $35.00 slot,” and I said, “Well, I might can scratch up $20.00 if I bust my piggy bank,” and he replied like money grows on trees and it does to the millenniums. They just go to the mom and pop bank for more. He said, “Just use your debit card or credit card,” and I shocked him like I do when I tell these young sales people that I am not on the internet and so I said, “Sir I am from the old school. I don’t mess with none of that. Send me the paper work and I will check it out and verify you all through a friend of mine with the FBI and if it is ok then maybe I will send you $20.00 in a money order from the post office. You know they got to stay in business too! So he insisted I use a credit card and I said, “Sir what part of I don’t have one don’t you understand!” Then I smelt the skunk real good and I said, “No thanks and don’t call back!” So he was a fake calling the fake fake. Like the pot calling the kettle black. I’ll bet that young jack ain’t never heard that one before and you can’t google it! So I will say amen!


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