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This “Thing” Got Hijacked


During my grieving over the recent loss of my father, Dr. Lou Munsayac, to COVID- 19, I realized that my sadness is compounded by this whole “thing.” COVID has certainly flipped our world. Changed how we think and feel in everyday life. The term “new normal” is being tossed around. And as we return to school, work, church and even await my Dawgs to take the field, something looms over us. It’s UNCERTAINTY.

See, this whole “thing” got hijacked. COVID, as we understand it today, is a virus that originated in Wuhan, China and went global at a terrifying rate. The world’s reaction, however, was not one of collaboration to fight a global pandemic. Rather, in this powder keg socio-political climate, information (and DIS-information) was quickly weaponized and politicized. On a local level, like the flawed creatures God created, we took this opportunity to be ugly to each other. Shaming each other for wearing masks. Shaming each other for NOT wearing masks. Belittling and berating young employees at the Walmart entrances who have ZERO control over company policies. We lost the middle ground and only thought in extremes as we screamed at each other that “this thing is gonna kill us all” and we’re being too relaxed, while others yelled it’s completely fake and we’re being ridiculous sheep. *NEITHER of those opinions are true, mind you. The truth is in the middle. But it seemed those were the only two camps taking members at the time.

We lost faith in our institutions of medical Gospel, seeing that even the organizations that are supposed to keep us safe and tell us the truth, can be influenced by money continued from page

and power. We slept uneasily as we saw our leaders, both national and local, put together plans based on recommendations based on guesswork, because there flat out wasn’t anything else to go on, really! Lord bless us, we did our best.

We are learning more and more every day and will continue to discover more about this organism. But for now, there’s a few things we know for certain: 1) IT’S REAL. While the political parties are happily clobbering each other with their versions of facts, don’t lose sight that this thing is not some made up hoax. 2) The statistics hold true. As high as 98% of folks who get this thing, survive. They get anywhere from asymptomatic/ mildly sick (especially kids) to flu-like sick, but do remarkable well in a few days. But make no mistake, the 2% (which my father fell into) is NASTY. Hospitalization and even death occurs. And unlike our previous thinking, it’s not just the elderly and folks with pre-existing ailments that get hit like this. Sure, they have a higher chance, but my Dad was only old, not unhealthy. In fact, y’all that knew him, know he was still practicing circles around young doctors like me at the time he got sick! And 3) This thing is preventable with proper precautions. From the start, I shouted that our behaviors simply have to mirror what we doctors tout every single flu season. Keep to yourself (social distancing), wash your hands, cover your nose and mouth around sick people (we don’t always know who is or not these days, hence masks), and if you are elderly or sickly, avoid crowded places. And for Pete’s sake, if you have symptoms STAY HOME. Sound familiar?

Now, I’m not gonna get into does a mask work or not, or “what’s the big deal? The flu kills more people every year” arguments. Guess what? NATURAL DISASTERS also kill more people every year compared to COVID, but if the weather man says get in the dang house here comes a tornado, I’m getting in the house. I’m in no way asking you to live your life in fear. I’m asking you to be careful and take proper precautions, that’s all. And secondly, I’m asking you to BE RESPECTFUL of others. Everyone has a different comfortability level with this thing and we should respect that.

Daddy took all the proper precautions by hospital regulations. But he also CHOSE to see around 6-7 patients suspected of COVID every shift. God called him to serve and he did bravely and honorably. And God is rewarding him for that now in Glory. I thank all the front line folks like my Daddy. My prayers remain with you. To you reading this: I love you and pray for you and yours. Be smart. Be careful. Don’t listen to political nonsense. Take care of your herd. Yours in Health and Christ, Dr. Kirk Munsayac

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