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Ms. Magnolia

tial oil diffuser in my of. ce?


Dear Shandra, You should stay away from using any scents in the of. ce. Unlike a piece of artwork that you hang on your wall or a favorite vase or photo of your children on your desk, scents impact other people. An increasing number of people have fragrance sensitivities, and you could

cause a coworker to have migraines, respiratory issues, or other physical discomfort. Or you might just annoy people who don’t enjoy the scent you prefer. The same reasoning goes for wearing perfumes at work. It may sometimes seem that a fellow employee doesn’t like you, when in reality they just can’t tolerate the scent you wear. And most people will not tell you for fear of offending you.

Within the guidelines of your company, it can be comforting to personalize your workspace. But when you’re talking about modifying the air other people breathe, you should show a great degree of caution.

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Dear Ms. Magnolia, I work in a local business with nine

workers and have an individual of. ce.

The other workers are in and out and customers come in fairly often. I enjoy having my home and my workplace smelling good. Would it be weird to have an essen-

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