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Wheeler Goes Motown

Wheeler County High School's band will be performing a Motown medley this fall during the football games.

This will be the second year under the direction of Tim Quigley. Quigley holds a Bachelor’s of Music Performance and Master’s in Education from Georgia Southern University.

He said, “I feel like the Band and I have 'learned' each other and know what to expect. That is critical in band, just as in sports. I think that the kids have raised their expectations in the last year, which is a good thing. We did a preview show a couple of weeks ago to 'show off' what we learned during our 'conditioning' and the kids were disappointed at the job they did, although the music is harder, the drill is harder, and we only had one week since last March together. Personally, I thought it was OK, considering.”

The show this year will consist of parts of 10 different Motown songs.

Quigley added, “We have been trying to be very careful with rehearsals so far. The biggest change is that our halftime show will be practicing social distancing with the drill. It is not something that the kids or the director are used to, so there are some extra challenges. One must be very flexible in these trying times and be able to adapt “on the fly.” I will say “so far, so good”. I must say that the Band members were excited to come back. That does make for a wonderful learning environment, I hope we will be able to keep it going.”

Members of the 2020-24 Bulldog Marching Band of WCHS Drum Majors – Alexis Griffin, Rebecca Phillips

Flutes – Megan Lester Clarinets – Raven Crockett, Treasure Ferguson, Meyonna Gibson, K’Dence Mackey, Erin Ricks, Zykeria Robinson, Ka'lexis Thomas, Bridgette Worth Saxophones – James Ashley, Toby Clark, Nick Fields, Samantha Hardin, Lindsey Vinson, Anniyah Wright, Nathan Wright Trumpets – CJ Bowman, Tara McClure, Angelica Salinas, Kaleb Wright Tombones – Dillan Cole, Adam Parker, Jeremy Watson, John Williams Baritone – Josh Tillman Tubas – Jasmine Holland-Soto, Jeremiah McRae

Percussion – Daniel Carey, Jamarion Dinkins, Torrance Durden, Aaron Tarpley, Isiah Woods, Flag Line – Payton Bowman, Aneveah Crockett, Saycred Graham, Katelyn Griffin, Ke'Nijha Sailem, Kerriunia Williams

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