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Got a complaint? Got a compliment? Call Your Mind On Line at 537-6397 and let us know what’s on your mind. Quotes are printed exactly as they are called in and are not necessarily factual, but rather, callers’ opinions. Libelous, slanderous, personal attacks, and unfounded accusatory or lengthy comments will not be printed. Two calls per week per caller, and calls should not exceed 30 seconds, please.

“Why are the commissioners building a court house in Lyons when the voters of Toombs County voted for it to be built in Vidalia? I look for a lawsuit to be coming. It should be built in Vidalia.”

“I’m so confused. My

vehicle was severely vandalized and when the police came out, I asked that they check for finger prints. All I got was that deer in the headlights look. My neighbors’ vehicles have been burglarized, not vandalized. The detectives all of a sudden wanted to check for finger prints. Was my vehicle not important enough?”

“After the wind and rain blew through on Tuesday afternoon, did anyone else notice the gorgeous sunset afterward? God’s glory at work.”

“To the NASCAR fan, taking a knee doesn’t dishonor our country or our flag. Taking a knee is a protest against police brutality and other things that are not according to the united way.”

“I would like to complain about the potholes in Pinecrest Cemetery and the supposedly people who weed eat. They need to go to weed eating school. It’s a shame that people have no respect for the dead and the families of the dead. I hope somebody pays attention to this and does something.”

“Please do not wear

shorts to Sunday church. It is totally inappropriate. The least you can do to honor the Lord is to wear decent clothes, pants or a skirt, especially for women. Just dress nicely for church.”

“To the person who called in about wishing people not wearing a mask would get sick because they’re not wearing a mask. Let me remind you Jesus touched the lepers and healed them. He did not get what they got, but they got a whole heap of what Jesus had to give. Why is the church so silent right now? Have y’all bowed to the government?”

“I’m curious. I’m thinking of attending a peaceful protest. How many Molotov cocktails should I bring with me, or can I purchase them on site from a vendor? Also, because I’m one of those people whose life doesn’t matter, will I be held accountable for my actions because of the color of my skin, or can I expect immunity from prosecution?”

“Here we go again. Center Drive at Bloomfield, metal plate on the road with tar. Is there anything they can do about that? Is that the best they can come up with?”

“When is our mayor going to issue a mask mandate to fight the virus? We need to take Toombs County back from the virus. Let’s work together and fight this. Mayor, step up.” “ Some people have health problems and can’t wear a mask. The mask will not save your life. Only the good Lord will save your life. Go to God for everything.”

“The Vidalia Rec. Dept. has an office worker who is rude every time we call and something needs to be done about that because this is ridiculous.”

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