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After this past week, I wonder how frustrated Justin Fields is now.

Despite the great season he had last season dressed in the Scarlet and Grey of Ohio State’s Buckeyes, he now knows that he’s not going to get to play this season. After his one season in the sun, Fields did lead the Buckeyes to a 12-1 record, a Big 10 Championship, and a spot in the national semifinal where they suffered their only loss to eventual runner-up Clemson.

This is all because the Big 10 and Pac 12 conferences ended any hopes of taking the field this Fall.

I have mixed feelings about this. For one thing, if there is a national championship decided on the playing field this season, there will probably be a huge asterisk in the record book.

I also feel for the players. They want to play. Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence, Fields, and other leaders around the country have expressed their desires via social media and in their formation of the #WeWantToPlay hashtag that has been trending.

Lawrence tweeted, “ People are at just as much, if not more risk, if we don’t play. Players will all be sent home to their own communities where social distancing is highly unlikely and medical care and expenses will be placed on the families if they were to contract Covid 19.”

“Not to mention the players coming from situations that are not good for them/their future and having to go back to that. Football is a safe haven for so many people. We are more likely to get the virus in everyday life than playing football.

“Having a season also incentivizes players into being safe and taking all of the right precations to try to avoid covid because the season and teammate safety is on the line. Without the season, as we’ve already seen, people will not social distance or wear masks and take the proper precautions.” Lawrence makes his point.

Senator Ben Sasse, a Republican from Nebraska addressed Big Ten Chancellors and Presidents with a letter, “Here’s the reality: Many of you think that football is safer than no football, but you also know that you’ll be blamed if there is football, whereas you can duck any blame if you cancel football.”

“This is a moment for leadership. These young men need a season. Please don’t cancel college football.”

Sasse’s letter was delivered on August 10. The Big 10 and Pac 12 both canceled their seasons on August 11.

While frustrations mount, I’m pretty sure that the SEC, ACC, and Big 12 are at least going to try to play. How long the season will last, or whether there will be a postseason or bowl games, are questions that have not been answered yet. I believe that the intent is there. I know that a majority of the players want it. continued from page

By the way, the University of Georgia started practice for their season on Monday.

GHSA Football Still On For Sept. 4

As far as I know, the Georgia High School Association will still kick off its season on September 4. There are no scrimmage games set for this season due to the Covid-19 Virus. Speaking of the GHSA, the Atlanta Journal Constitution came up with their yearly Super 11 this weekend.

One of this season’s Super 11 should be in Vidalia for the team’s home opener on September 24. When Bleckley County has the ball, the field will probably tilt a little to the side where senior Amarius Mims lines up. Mims (6-8, 325) lines up at offensive tackle and is considered to be the #2 prospect in the country regardless of position. Of course, he is also considered the top-rated offensive tackle. So far, he has 19 offers.

His top picks right now are Georgia and Alabumble, whoops, Alabama.

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