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A compilation of quotations on a variety of issues by national, state and regional writers, well-known personalities, just plain everyday people and from various publications collected by the editors of THE ADVANCE.

Quotes for our Times:

Anthony J. DeBlasi, a veteran and lifelong defender of Western culture: The unhinging of America.

If there is a silver lining to the dark clouds hanging over America it is the hope that the young of every description will turn on the mindless haters of America and launch a course correction. A reset for any semblance of progress starts with a return to the Constitution and the forces that inspired it, which include age-independent Judeo-Christian wisdom.

Matt Vespa, Senior Editor at Insanity: Chicago-Area leaders want to cancel history classes until 'suitable alternative' is found.

“A suitable alternative” is what exactly? Folks, this is why allowing these lefties to tear down Confederate statues was a bad, bad idea. For conservatives, this is why you should have defended all of American history. It’s not about the statues. It’s about our history. They want to erase it and to make inroads, they attack the most violent and divisive parts in order to make the argument that all must be wiped clean. They have standards that are meant to be impossible to meet to initiate the erasure process. This is not by accident. It’s why you have idiots trying to tear down statues of Abraham Lincoln. This is cultural revolutionary nonsense. It must be called out, exposed, targeted, and stomped out. Also, given the issues plaguing education, I’m pretty sure history classes is the least of the worries on that action item list.

Fay Voshell, contributor to American Thinker: A new prohibition is silencing the deplorables.

Just as bad, the demise of the familiar pub, the neighborhood restaurant and cafes; and the shutting down of church fellowships seems to have left protest marches as the only viable outlets for free speech.

Something is profoundly wrong with a society when the only acceptable and freely chosen social gatherings are protest marches rather than humble camaraderie as the unifying emotion. Something’s desperately amiss when the chief form of socialization is angry protest. It’s on the local level that true diversity exists, not on the macro stage with blaring megaphones drowning out all other voices.

Trevor Thomas, writer for American Thinker: Big Tech and Capitalism.

The American left and the modern Democrat Party seek to destroy capitalism in America. Led by the likes of Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, this is especially true of younger Democrats. The Democrat Party has gone so far left that Democrats now significantly prefer socialism to capitalism. More than three-fourths of Democrats say that they would vote for a socialist for president of the United States.

Likewise, despite the fact that their companies were built on, and their fortunes were made because of, capitalism, and despite the fact that conservatism is the political philosophy that embraces, promotes, and protects capitalism in America, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Jeff Bezos time and again demonstrate that they are, if not openly devoted to leftism and the Democrat party, typically very hostile to conservatives and conservative principles.

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