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All this presidential politicking has created somewhat of a dilemma for me. I had finally settled down and was directing all my energy to help reelect Donald Trump as the next President. My problem started when a fellow told me that Joe Biden said if he was elected President, he’ll use our tax dollars to give every child born in this country a five thousand-dollar bond. On the surface — that sounds like a wonderful gift. However, do you reckon that’s why he’s such a big supporter of abortion, which helps to limit the number of bonds he’ll have to come up with?

His vote buying ideas continue, and now he wants to promise a taxpayer-backed IRA for every citizen who wants to participate in the program. In addition to all of the above, he continues his socialist agenda and promises a health care system that will provide “free” health care for everybody — even those who have come to our country illegally.

He also says that if we elect him — we not only get him and his vast knowledge of everything, but we’ll also get Barack Obama, which by the way, was the worst President in my lifetime. Which is why I call Biden a loser. He says they come as a package — and, as I’m sure you know, it can be dangerous to open a package without first checking out the sender.

One of those senders is Al Gore, who joined Jimmy Carter and Arafat as a recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize, which has become nothing more than a prize for the most ultra-liberal man of the year. George W. Bush should have gotten that award for ridding the world of Saddam.

Another useless liberal who would probably continued from page

endorse the package is old “red eyes,” Teddy Kennedy, if he was still alive. By the way, the young lady Teddy left to die in the water on 7/17/69 — Mary Jo Kopechne — would be 70 today.

Last week, while Sandra was undergoing some tests, I was sitting in a waiting room with several men and women who were discussing politics, and none of them were supporters of Biden, but they did mention the expensive promises that he has been making. After they made some comments about global warming and how it worried them — I told them how I felt about the situation, and I said I wasn’t worried because I know who’s in control of the entire universe. Things suddenly got real quiet in the room and the discussion moved on to other things.

Back to my dilemma. As I mentioned above, we’re getting all these great promises from Joe Biden, so I started wondering what my candidate of choice would do. My dilemma is over, I’m going to stay with Donald Trump, who is much stronger on more important issues.

By the way, a friend told me he heard a fellow say that Biden has made a lot of promises, and Trump will beat the crap out of him like he did Hillary.



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